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Gun Law in the United States


18 statements


"Gun control laws are an infringement on our Second Amendment rights"


"Stricter gun laws are necessary to reduce gun violence"


"The right to bear arms should have reasonable limitations"


"Gun laws should be stricter to protect public safety"


"Arming teachers in schools is a misguided solution"


"We need stricter background checks for gun buyers"


"Gun owners should be required to have liability insurance"


"The NRA has too much influence on gun laws"


"Concealed carry permits should be recognized nationwide"


"Gun-free zones make us vulnerable to attackers"


"Banning assault weapons is an essential step to improving public safety in the United States"


"Guns are a necessary tool for self-defense"


"Mass shootings will continue without stricter laws"


"The Second Amendment should be updated for modern times"


"Gun buyback programs can help reduce gun violence"


"People should be educated on responsible gun ownership"


"Gun laws vary too much from state to state"


"More guns do not necessarily mean more safety"