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Can I Trust This Data?

This site is only as valuable as the trustworthiness of the data that powers it. We truly believe this statement and want to explain what measures we take ensure the integrity of the data on this website.

Humans vs. Bots

In order to contribute any data to this website (vote, add statements, add topics, etc.), a user must first sign in using an existing social media account via Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

These platforms have decades of experience in validating the validity of new and existing accounts on their platforms and shutting down known bot accounts. We trust that users signing in from these platforms are indeed real people.

Additional measures are also taken such as IP tracking, user agent tracking, rate limiting, and restricting access to system resources to prevent bots/scripts from manipulating the data that powers this website.

Accountability for Posting Content

All content posted by users on this platform (adding new statements, adding new topics, etc.) is associated with the name and avatar image provided by the social media provider when the user signs in. This disclaimer is made clear to the user before they post.

Considering these are real users and their real names and avatar images will be associated with the content they are posting, we believe this provides sufficient incentive to users to think twice before they post.

Additionally, all content can be reported if users think it is irrelevant or duplicate content. We have systems in place to monitor this reported content and take action to remove it, as well as shut down the accounts of repeat offenders.

Users can also report offensive content, however, we do not remove content simply for being offensive. This is a free speech platform and if users find something offensive, they should simply "disagree" with that content.

The most agreed upon ideas will rise to the top and most disagreed upon will sink to the bottom. Just the way it should be.

How Do I know The Data Isn't Manipulated

A foundation principal of this site is the objectivity of the data so that users can understand what people actually believe to be true.

The only way this could work is for the data to be obtained via a democratic voting system. In this system, each signed in user gets one and only one vote for each statement.

The system has technological mechanisms in place to enforce the concept that a user can only vote one time for each statement.

The data you are seeing is real valid data from real people around the world. However, there is one exception...

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

This site was launched in November of 2023 and in order to launch the site, it needed to be supplied with a small amount of "seed data". 30 seed topics and roughly 200 seed statements were created to start the site.

These topics and statements were create by a fictitious user by the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" .

All other data on this site was contributed by real users.

Wrap Up

Hopefully this provided some insight into the measures that we are taking to ensure that the data integrity of this platform is as reliable as possible.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please reach out to us. Your feedback is sincerely valued!

Now go find a topic of interest and start exploring the data!