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Our Stance on Content Moderation

Last Updated: November 1st, 2023

At some point, all platforms will encounter a situation where they are being asked to remove or moderate some content that has been added to the platform. In the spirit of transparency, this document outlines how these situations will be handled.

1. Acceptable Content

1.1. The goal of this website is to share ideas about topics of interest so other people can vote whether they agree or disagree with the statement. The statements about a topic are listed in order of most agreed upon to least agreed upon. Users can click on a statement to view a breakdown of the data about that statement and understand how belief in that statement varies based on age, gender, and geographic location. Any content posted on this site should facilitate theses goals.

1.2. Offensive content: Offensive content, unless otherwise violating any other rules, will not be removed from the site. This site encourages the free sharing of ideas/beliefs. It's okay to disagree with other people's ideas. The power of your voice is in your vote, so if you disagree with a statement about a topic, simply vote. Everyone gets one vote per statement. The most popular statements will rise to the top and most disagreed upon statements will sink to the bottom.

2. Unacceptable Content

2.1. Posting any kind of unacceptable content, as defined here, will not be permitted, and will be removed from the site. In circumstances that warrant it, further action will be taken. The follow kinds of content are considered to be unacceptable:

  • Personally identifiable information to target or identify an individual (doxxing)
  • Content that has been deemed to be produced by non-human means
  • Irrelevant content to the topic of interest
  • Duplicate content
  • Explicit imagery, including the user's avatar image

3. Banning Users

3.1. Any users posting content that violates any of the policies defined above is subject to termination of their account. Actions that may result in banning a user from the site include, but are not limited to:

  • Posting any kind of personally identifiable information to target or identify an individual (doxxing)
  • Harassing other users
  • Repeatedly violating any of the policies defined above, in the terms of service, or privacy policy
  • Using the site in any way other than the intended purposes stated in 1.1 above. This includes attacks against the website, its infrastructure, or other resources required to keep the site operational and online

4. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this content moderation policy, please contact us at